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We are famous for being the lowest commission currency exchange in Japan, and we have started a luggage delivery service. We will take care of your luggage when you exchange money, so you can go sightseeing in Osaka without leaving your luggage behind. We will deliver your luggage to your hotel while you are enjoying sightseeing. When you are tired of playing, you can go directly to your hotel. Experience our premium hospitality.

・Delivery of your luggage to your hotel
 If you bring your luggage by 3pm, it will be delivered to your hotel by 6pm on the same day (limited to Osaka City).

・Delivery of your luggage to Kansai International Airport
 If you bring your luggage by 11am, you can pick it up at the KABS Kansai Airport Baggage Service counter on the 4th floor of the airport after 3pm.

・Delivery of your luggage to the region
 Your luggage will be delivered within Japan by Kuroneko Yamato Takkyubin.

・Temporary storage of your luggage
 Your luggage can be kept until 6pm the following day (luggage can be collected between 10am and 6pm).

・Long-term storage of your luggage
 We can also store your luggage for longer than one month (every month).

・When sending luggage to our store
 If you send your luggage to us first, we will hold it until your arrival.

If you have any other problems with your luggage, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Phone Number : 080-9743-1101

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